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Richest Pastors In Edo State 2020: Top 8 Richest Pastors In Edo State 2020



Edo State is one of the best states in Nigeria blessed with different powerful and richest pastors in the country. Looking at the lives, wealth, properties, the church of these pastors, you will agree with me that God is not poor. So in this article, I will share with you Top 8 Richest Pastors In Edo State 2020.

Top 8 Richest Pastors In Edo State 2020

Pastor Charles Osazuwa

Top 8 Richest Pastors In Edo State 2020

Charles Osazuwa is the founder of the Rock of Ages Christian Assembly in the state. Charles net worth is estimated to be about $141K.

Apostle Johnson Suleiman

Apostle Suleiman is the founder of the Omega Fire Ministry. The pastor has lots of luxurious properties like Expensive SUV Machines, A 1 Billion Mansion, and many more. Net Worth $140.

Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa

Rv. Dr. Margaret popular known as Mama Archbishop is a famous woman in the state. She is the overseer of God Mission Int’l IGMI in Edo Benin City. Mama is a top Nigeria entrepreneur and also a pastor. She has lots of expensive properties she owns to herself. Net Worth $115k.

Rev. Dr. Felix Omobude

Dr. Felix is the General Overseer of the New Covenant Bible Church Worldwide, he owns a new growing private polytechnic with a net worth of $80k.

Bishop Dr. Abraham Chigbundu

Dr. Abraham is one of the popular Apostles in the country. He is the founder of Voice of Freedom Ministry with a net worth of $79k.

Rev. Samuel O. Osaghae

Samuel is the senior pastor of Believers Ministry Int’l with hundreds of members. His Church is said to be the biggest in the state. He owns a world-class plush Office, expensive cars, houses, and a lot of them. Net Worth $60k.

Archbishop J. Akubueze

Rev. John Akubueze is the Catholic archbishop of the Edo state. He controls a hundred churches in the state. Net Worth $56k.

Evangelist Kingsley Nwaorgu

Kingsley comes last on the list. He oversees all the activities of the Renewal Evangelical Bible Church in the State. Net Worth $40.

This is the list of Richest Pastors in Edo State 2020. Who is your favorite pastor? Let’s hear from you guys below.

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